Talk to thy neighbours.THE GREAT ACTION WEEK, 7pm-9pm Sunday 22nd Aug/Mon 23rd Aug/Tues 24th Aug.

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Sometimes, we do not step back far enough to see the wood for the trees or to see the whole picture. We are too 'in it' to see what needs to be done. We can't see our own blindspots. Would you agree?

Perhaps many 'significant persons' in the movement have been like this or become this because of the enormity of the issue facing us. We can become myopic in our seeing.

Having had a good grounding in Sales and Marketing as part of running a business, i am fortunate to have had the experience and interest to analyse what and where we could do things differently to make a bigger impact. We do not have a 'BBC' equivalent , certain people and views are not allowed on the BBC or other mainstream news. In effect we have no distribution channel for effective messaging.

Taking things back to basics, networking and networking marketing are the most powerful ways of reaching others with a message.

First of all it is about connecting and building a rapport with the person in front of you. They are more likely to listen to you after. Remember to cut it short if you sense too much resistance. We do not have to get through to everyone. Just the parents now.

It is not about who is right or wrong, be wise in your choice of words.

A script could be something as simple as the following in (it will require getting over any shyness first):

Freedomer(You): Hi, how are you? I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and I live at number 20 on this road.

Neighbour (Kate) : Hello, I'm good , Nice to meet you John, I'm Kate.

Freedomer: Do you have a few minutes for me to share some information that I believe could be useful to the neighbourhood especially to those with children. Do you have children?

Kate: I do, I have a son aged 14.

Freedomer: Ok, thats great . This will be very relevant to you. Have you heard of the group of doctors, scientists, academics lawyers known as the HARTGROUP or UKMEDFREEDOM? There are others however, these are ones I suggest to people as a start. The websites are and . If you have your phone, why don't you go to the now and book mark it.

Also, did you know there have been some large protests of over a million people in London 3 times and you probably didn't see it on the news or it was down played and not truthful. They say there were only 400 or a couple of thousand? so what else are they not saying?

Kate: Okay. Let me search on google for hartgroup. What were the protests about?

Freedomer: It was about our civil liberties, no to lockdowns and no to medical tyranny, pro choice on the experimental vaccine. You'll be surprised to know that these doctors are being censored from channels like the BBC/ITV/Sky . You can find them on some stations like Talk radio and Youtube. We are all kept busy working, trying to do day to day things, so we lack time to research and obviously put trust in others including the government, right?

Kate: Yes, quite true.

Freedom: You probably know that before a medical intervention, the doctors should give full informed consent and tell you the harm/benefit of it? Unfortunately, the government is not doing this with the vaccine especially with younger people below the age of 40 even 50 yrs. Did you know the vaccine is experimental and anyone taking it is in a clinical trial until 2023? The public are the guinea pigs.

Kate: Oh really. So what is going on, we need to take them to protect others. I 've taken the vaccine.

Freedomer: I see. I'm glad you look healthy. I don't know if you will agree but many are taking it so they can travel or keep their job not because it's for health. They have been manipulated to take it. I think that's a bit wrong and maybe even sinister.

Of course long term effects are unknown as it take 3-5 years minimum to know this, it could impact health, infertility. If you go to the MHRA website you will see there are over 1400 deaths and hundreds of thousand severe adverse reactions yet they promote it by saying it's 'safe and effective'. That's not good.

In any case I go to some of these rallies and we are taking the initiative to inform our neighbourhoods and ask people to do proper due diligence on any further booster offered or covid shots for children. They have started giving it in the USA, Canada and Germany already. They are gene manipulation technology like GMO not like traditional vaccines. Children are not at risk so why are they pushing everyone to get them? There have been deaths and reactions called Myocarditis and Pericarditis( inflammation of the heart tissue)

You as a parent will need to do your due diligence thoroughly. You may believe in vaccines but this is based on faith on what you are told. I suggest we set aside time to research.

Here is a leaflet with information sources to get you started.

Please read the open letter to the government, schools and professor Devi Sridhar who was promoting the vaccine on Children's Newsround saying there were completely safe.

Remember they are dangling a carrot of civil liberties for people to comply with taking the vax. Please do your due diligence. The next big rally is on XX/XX/XX. There are many things happening, it's just we don't have a BBC to announce it.

Here is a flyer of websites, please take a photo of it.

If you down load Telegram app, you can join World doctors alliance group for the latest science and news . There are 100, 000 people in that group. One more thing, there is algorithmic censorship on google, youtube , facebook,wikipedia so don't believe things straight away. You can contact me for information too.

Thank you for listening.


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A great article to show parents and children from 14th Aug '21

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