July/Aug Action: Email Mark Sexton's evidence pack to family, friends,councillors,employers etc.

This action alone could do what is required to give family and friends, acquaintences the right information in the right way to make them see what we see. Don't be afraid just do it!

1) Copy and paste the template below to a new email. Edit the text if required. You can use Bcc to send to everyone you wish for privacy in a quick way. Aim to send it to at least 10-20 people in the UK who will benefit from it (or friends abroad).

2) Attach Mark Sexton's evidence pack after downloading it as a PDF . It includes Dr Mike Yeadon's letter of support, Dr Tess Lawrie's letter of support , Clare Wills Harrison's(lawyer) letter of support and Dr Sam White's solicitor letter.

Mark Sexton Evidence pack
Download PDF • 4.52MB

Email Template

Subject line : Important information-evidence pack

Dear all,

I trust you are safe and well.

I apologise for sending this email out of the blue and know some people may not want to receive information related to covid however this is too important not to share. Please, take the best and leave the rest.

We may have communicated recently or in the past at some time or yet to do so.

You may or may not be aware a million people have gathered several times to protest in London yet you will not be shown an accurate picture on the mainstream news if at all.

What else are you not being told?

I attach the submission of a well put together evidence bundle for the pandemic fraud put together by an ex-police constable Mark Sexton (UK).

He has asked people around the UK to submitted it to their local police station to inform, educate them and to ask them to investigate the crimes carried out under the Coronavirus act for what ever the reasons, profit or otherwise. I am sending this to you as this will not be covered by mainstream media and to protect yourself from future vaccine harm due to misinformation/misrepresentation and marketing terms such as 'safe and effective'.

It is probably the only piece of information required for you to get a sense of what has been going on.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/M6Vs67TtOOVv/ (Video of Mark Sexton reporting the crime to Lemington Spa police station)

After absorbing the information contained here, many will be in disbelief due to the misinformation and propaganda from the controlled media such as BBC/Sky/CNN and newspapers as well as the censorship of doctors and scientists on social media and TV.

We are all busy people, it appears people's scientific illiteracy and lack of time to research has been used against us in a psychological operation of some sort.

Other websites to visit from censored doctors and scientists to learn more are: www.hartgroup.org, www.ukmedfreedom.org, www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com. You can find many videos of censored doctors on www.brandnewtube.com.

Another important site is https://corona-ausschuss.de/ with lawyer Reiner Fuellmich who has done many interviews with well respected doctors, scientists, academics, influential figures in preparation for legal action against those people and organisations(WHO and others) involved in this alleged crime. This is looking like a conspiracy now not a theory.

You can visit www.calltoactionuk.org also to know of other actions you can take on a local level if you decide to which may include writing to schools to protect your children from the vaccine which has no benefit to them.

I hope this information helps to reduce the fear and to do further due diligence on masks, testing, vaccines and boosters offered. Please share this email with others.



Your Address and contact details (if writing to MP's and your local councillors)

All done. Great job.


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