July/Aug Action:Book appointment for your GP. Take Mark Sexton's evidence pack, ukmedfreedom letters

There are only 10,000 GP surgeries in the UK. If 100,000's ( or a million) of us booked a GP appointment for something we need to go see them for anyway and used the opportunity to also give them some credible printed material to fast track their research, they will have to take note if 5-10 people handed things in.

Easy Call to Action since your GP is not friends on your social media to see what you post :). Can be done after a telephone appointment or in person also.

1) Book an appointment with you GP for some ailment you have wanted to get checked out (I booked initial phone consultation for tinnitus then was called in). If they do a telephone consultation that is okay but if they ask you to go in, then it's perhaps better. Also, if you are getting the vaccine call ups, you can request for a doctor to call you back to discuss it. Perfect opportunity to have a conversation to who ever you speak to (hopefully a GP) .

2) Print off the evidence pack

Mark Sexton Evidence pack
Download PDF • 4.52MB

2) Print off open letters at www.ukmedfreedom.org for masks, community testing, vaccines(to GP's and vaccinators), pfizer vaccine for children and letter to Professor Devi Sridhar re Newsround Episode (This is quite powerful).

Also, print off the team picture from the About page. It will add credibility.

When talking to the GP's on the phone or in person, deal with your ailment first ( or vaccine conversation).

At the end of your appointment (or telephone call) just add the script:

You: "By the way doctor, sorry to go off topic, can I just ask a quick question, I know you are kept busy and may not have time to research outside of the NHS , I wanted to know if you have heard of either Dr. Samuel White, Dr.Tess Lawrie or the uk medical freedom alliance, a group of doctors and lawyers?

Doctor: No I haven't.

You: Okay. Dr Samuel White is a GP who resigned recently and is a whistleblower regarding the lack of informed consent and lack of scientific evidence for masks, testing and informed consent for the experimental covid shots. Dr Tess Lawrie is part of a group of doctors who are championing Ivermectin, a drug used in many countries and also has written to the MHRA to stop the vaccine rollout due to the high levels of death and injury from the vaccine especially as alternative treatments like Ivermectin are available. And Ukmedfreedom is a group of doctors and lawyers who have written many open letters on the lack of science to the government regarding masks, testing, vaccines and lack of informed consent. I brought a copy of theses letters for you to help fast track your research. The government just keep ignoring these well qualified people. Why would they do that if they care about people's health?

Please do read it and give them due consideration and do proper due diligence on the government policies and protocols. You take things on faith they are giving you the best advice. However many health professionals have spoken out but the media is censoring tthem. They cannot just dismiss science and serious concerns and continue falsely advertising and claiming the vaccines to be 'safe and effective'. Maybe big pharma is too involved?

Thank you for your time and listening"

If it is a telephone appointment, say " I will drop of the printed copies to the surgery for your attention and an extra copy for the reception . I hope that is okay.


There are only 10,000 GP surgeries (with 3-5 doctors in each). If 200,000 ( or even a million) people booked appointments or calls in the next few weeks, would these GP's take notice with multiple people coming to them with qualified printed material? I think so and the more it will plant seeds and reinforce the alternative message to play to their conscience.


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