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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I'm sure we've all watched an online video sales pitch with an e-book purchase that will solve all our problems on a particular issue and many times these 'sales pitches' give insights into the fast track of success on a topic.

In the same way, I've tried to step back and analyse why the freedom movement was so slow to pick up numbers and momentum until around March 2021, a full year during which we've always been on the back foot with masks (that can harm), testing(not fit for purpose), lockdowns that cause mental health issues, then the vaccine rollout in December followed by masks and testing in schools etc.

Having been to all the London rallies (except one) with like minded freedom friends and also involving myself in trying to do my part by giving some hours weekly to helping StopNewNormal / LetLondonLive and relying on leaders to come up with a strategy(or agree to some of my suggestions) that could stand a chance of working. At the same time like many others, I donated ₤20-30 to Simon Dolan's crowdjustice case, thebernician's legal efforts, StopNewNormal's campaigning, WorldFreedomalliance and several more as well as money spent on signs and banners. I can only say it was disillusionment from the lack of results that got me to step back and create

How did I reach this conclusion? Well, I had presented or sent much of what I write in this blog as a strategy and blueprint to several different people as early as back in November 2020. It was because we were always on the back foot with all the government actions and I don't recall us achieving any outcomes to measure success by. How many people were in the movement or growing on a monthly basis? No idea only guestimates. Who was keeping track of actions being taken by different groups locally or nationally? No idea. There was no real strategy or organised action. There was no marketing mix. From the supply side of the vaccine it was mainly about writing to MP's and small protests at organisations such as The Guardian, the National Teachers Association and others. From the demand side it was social media posts/sharing and flyering. Did we reach 30 million households like the government does? I don't think so.

The vaccine rollout began in December, schools introduced masks and testing in January/February, the push for vaccine passports and so on. Without results, what does it matter? We can keep attending the monthly or twice a month rallies on a predetermined route shouting freedom while they keep being taking away. The longer things went on the more indoctrinated people were getting(maybe some were waking up) but now apparently 40 million have taken one or two doses of the vaccine as of July.

What if there had been a better strategy or any strategy as a start? What if there had been more co-operation between groups? There are probably a lot of what if's and we are where we are. I don't want to go down the route of groups or personalities being controlled opposition but it's hard to see why others didn't see what was needed to grow numbers. Perhaps the skillsets weren't there or it was overlooked as being too simple an idea or the financial resources were not there and no one explored how to go about doing it.

Although, well and good not everyone is in our social media echo chambers and on top there was increasing censoring and shadow banning. However, no coordinated strategy or effort was announced or embarked upon to wake up those offline. No strategy to 'scale' the messaging quickly. We wrote to MP's and protested once or twice a month. Some groups leafleted in the cold winter months which wasn't pleasant.

If you want to grow and scale a message or a business, you only have to watch an episode of Dragon's Den to see what those businesses are seeking. Some capital and experts with knowhow to scale their business efficiently. In essence we didn't approach this as a scaling task. Things were disjointed, local efforts were not multiplied. Rallies are great for networking and finding people that we didn't know were local to us, share some ideas perhaps and to give a morale boost and to know we are not alone. However, we need to recognise that is the main reason for large get togethers but not everyone can make it all the time and it is expensive if you come from far. What was needed was to grow the numbers quickly or else the risk wa of being on the back foot while the offline people continue to be indoctrinated even further. This is what appears to have happened.

The government did exactly this. They spent millions on advertising and messaging through the BBC, ITV, radio and newspapers while we were having the odd conversation (with no personal percieved credibility) with people in shops and passers by with some flyers. After all everything on TV and the MSM reported as news must be true and everyone else is into conspiracies. Why would the government misinform the public? Why would they harm the economy and jobs or the people's health?

I have come to understand why the government in the democratic west is generally trusted. We know there is some lying and cover ups happening from time to time such as with weapons of mass destruction in 2003/4. There are also things like thalidomide, tobacco and petrol lead from 40-50 years ago. However, the new generation is ill reasearched about the recent history and coupled with the fact that the government regardless of the party in charge gave them free education, free health care with the NHS, social safety net with a benefit system and pensions , a general increase in living standards and freedom over the last 60-70 years, why would they not trust the government or it's world renowned scientists with a polished english accent giving them an air of authority? And the vaccine narrative (multi generational indoctrination) has been put on a pedestal as the reason for increase in health and life expectancy even though the real reason for this are improvements in sanitation, clean water and nutrition. Thank you to the plumbers and engineers. I recommend reading Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD to know more on this.

If we could go back 6-7 months, how should we have approached things?

First of all any entreprenuer or anyone in a management role will know the business with the best sales pitch, sufficient( or big enough) marketing budget with a well worked out strategy and distribution of the message has a better chance of achieving its goal . You would do this by reverse engineered for success. Ditribution of the message is key. The movement 'failed' with masks, testing and the adult vaccine rollout because there was no serious MASS 'marketing' of the lack of science or need for it.

It is a numbers game in the end and it does need some thought provoking messaging to get over the cognitive disonnance. Asking questions instead of telling. Good copywriting and scripts to use.

What was required in my analysis was perhaps as a start putting 2-3 flyers through every letterbox over a few weeks or months since November to sign post people and encourage them to explore and research the videos by the good doctors and others we all have been listening to.

There was no coordinated dissemination of flyers etc. in high footfall areas like tube stations or even through the 30 million letterboxes sign posting people to 'credible' sources for people to research. How about people holding up banners at busy roundabouts or traffic lights for a couple of day to sign post to websites and inform of the next big rally day etc?

Did anyone have a strategy? Not that I am aware of.

David Icke's message about 'not aqueousing' is great if you have the numbers, 10-15 million people wide awake but it's not the winning solution if it's a million of us. You were normally the only one on the train or tube carriage of 40-50 people not wearing a mask.

I don't believe any effort was made to collate information or data of the freedom tribe to know which parts of the country people lived and how they could possibly help in an effective way in their local areas. Yes, privacy and safety are a concern but we are way past that and everyone sharing content on Facebook and social media is on the radar. Now it's about being proud of the Freedom Tribe UK, strength in numbers and protecting each other in the right way.

When we had 50,000 in gathered in London last October. What if everyone had picked up 500 flyers (or were instructed to print them locally) to put through the letter boxes in their local streets and this was repeated a few times? That's 25 million households covered. Rallying in London, every month although needed a few times for networking purposes and sending a message every couple of months as the numbers grow is needed, however over doing it is not effective or efficient to spend 50,000 people x £20-30= £1 million+. This money could have been utilised via a crowdfund to strategise a marketing campaign to provide material and tools for people to use in their local areas more effectively with banners and flyers for busy roads, signs/memes stuck to their bins, windows or cars for example to create intrigue and curiosity to research. What if 10,000 people had stayed in Manchester, Liverpool, London etc and reached out to businesses to empower them with knowledge on law, mask science, testing, upcoming vaccine last year? Would there have been less vaccine uptake and more non compliance?

Now we have been having two rallies every 4-6 weeks by different groups/organisers. If the turn out is 500,000 or a million people, that's £15-20 million travel costs spent minimum. Is it better to use one of those rally days to do better outreach locally and use the resources in a GREAT ACTION DAY where we stay in our towns and together in each town we maybe do an hours of marching and then 2-3 hours of mass outreach in the busy Saturday high streets , busy traffic junctions, speak to police etc ?

What is required to succeed and cut the demand for vaccines via education? the school children are the next target as well as vaccine passports :

-Instead of a 4 hour march, we needed 2-3 GREAT ACTION DAYS for local outreach.

There are 17,000 primary schools (average of 280 pupils in each), 3,500 secondary schools ( average of 1000 pupils in each) with approximate total of 9 million pupils and their parents /grandparents (yes many may have got the vaccine but the right copywrite might still bring them onside to the freedom movement). Some notices of liability have been sent recently in June by some action taking individuals and groups.

-Send ukmedfreedom open letter to headmasters. Also, print the letter to Devi Sridhar and hand this in too(impactful letter) Also, print off 200 copies for parents if your children go to primary or secondary school (average attendance is 280 children primary school). Connect with other like minded parents directly or via the children. Suggest to the parents websites and joining worlddoctorsalliance Telegram group etc.

- Banners, flyers, thelightpaper (very well written) etc. for school parents using signpost flyers to credible sources e.g.,, worldfreedomalliance,, Lawyersforliberty etc.

-Effective, thought provoking copywriting is needed for those unvaccinated and different message to the vaccinated such as "have you been manipulated and coerced in to wearing harmful masks, doing useless testing, more lockdowns and travel threats all leading to you taking a harmful experimental vaccine that is already injuring and killing people?"

- Use Mark Sexton's script to report to the police.

- There are 10,000 GP surgeries. Book appointment for the GP for something you need to go for anyway and take UKmedfreedom open letters, Dr Samuel White and Dr Tess Lawrie's letter to be given to GP's.

-Target employers. Start with your own employer.

Pre-empt issues arising by handing printed open letters UKmedfreedom open letters, Dr Samuel White and Dr Tess Lawrie's letter to be give to employers as soon as possible.

-Pick 1-2 Sunday evenings ( as people are in normally) to knock on door and introduce yourself. Use a script to share information, especially if they have children. Find some champion parents that can help with school and parent awareness building.

- Stick wheelie bins signs thats signpost to websites. Speak to the dustmen, postman, delivery people, repair men when they attend etc.

Use flyer/Banners for tube/train station users to take masks off in London especially. Target 144 tubestations in zone 1 and 2.

Poster for Shops - "We welcome all shoppers masked and unmasked. Your money is equally good"

Step 2) Present this strategy in a crowdfund for a 'vaccine and common law/legal' education empowerment campaign. The more funds collected the better really.

Gather a database of information people will feel comfortable sharing ,emails, location (postcode) and if children go to nursery or primary school, if they work and name of employer (so they can help with call to actions). Excess funds not used to be kept in reserve for future fighting funds or freedom projects. Many of these people will hopefully be able carry out local tasks or online tasks as soon as possible for timely effect.

This strategy can only work if people's time and efforts are valued. Many groups have volunteers and helpers who are utilising their own money for travel expenses and printing. I feel this is wrong especially a year down the line and good hardworking people who contribute many hours should be compensated financially. That is to say professionalise with paid employees. Volunteers where possible could support efforts with a set number of hours they can assist (5 hours max).

Utilise technology to help the freedom tribe by setting up a Health directory app, Shopping/Business app, Travel and accomodation app, Dating app etc.

As we know things are moving fast and the time is short for the vaccine drive for children. Things need to be done now not later a things will be pushed and we do not want to be on the back foot again.

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