Aug: We need results! Do we need our own LOCKSTEP to win our medical freedom back?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Our dear Piers Corbyn has been blighted by a sting operation to discredit him and the movement.

The government is trying to manoeuvre inch by inch to creat circumstances for the vaccine( which it is not) rollout to children. Current they are giving it to 'vulnerable' children and in review for others. Do the vulnerable not have an immune system like the others?

Jacqlyn Dunne did a great speech for 10 actions to take in our own communities on the rally at Trafalgar Square on 24th July.

( Watch from 43:50 if you have the time.

I have spoken to her at a rally previously and shared my simple ideas from a marketing angle and was glad she used her voice to speak on these similar actions.

I would like to propose and add the following actions:

1) A GREAT ACTION WEEKEND (LOCAL) - There's no need to spend £30-40 coming to London. What has that achieved and what will it achieve going window shopping on Oxford Street? Okay, it is possible we need it once every 2 months but not every month or 2-3 weeks. It's unproductive, doesn't get shown on the media etc. and we end up spending £10-20 million pounds on travel and have little to show for it. These resources could have been better used.

Spend £10-15 on printing the following flyers and connect with your neighbours on your street. 'Stand in your Street' smilar to stand in the park. Have a simple sign if it helps and knock on doors. Lets find the parents and have a meaningful short conversation.

I have put up a short video to give you a springboard on what to say, what websites and information to share. The video is on the home page. You can adapt it as you speak to different people. We are now trying to focus the message to the parents especially.

There are maybe 1-2 million households (1 in 25) in the Freedom Tribe, ex vaxxers and health concious individuals who did their due diligence after coming across information at some point on the covid shot and aren't we glad that we did before getting it?

When you go to your neighbours, arm yourself with the following print outs. letters:

UKMFA Open Letter to Professor Devi Sridhar re BBC Newsround Episode on Children's Vaccines (07/06/21)

UKMFA Open Letter to Headteachers and Teachers re Covid-19 Vaccination of Children in Schools

UKMFA Open Letter to Universities and Colleges re Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements for Students

Websites and resources list for researching

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