An app for the Freedom Tribe! Launch date 28th Aug, London Rally

In order to create change and tools to help that process, only we can do it ourselved. I am in the process of fundraising to create the FreedomT app for the Freedom Tribe. This is more than just about freedom, it is a mindset of health, wellbeing, community, bodily autonomy -the final freedom. Most people in it are the unvaccinated, however it includes those who were lead in to it by clever manipulation with the 'we must fear the virus' narrative only to wake up to it after. They are our brothers and sisters too. They also value travelling, holidays, visiting family, running their business and other civil liberties. They will never be fooled again. As we are facing the prospect of the push of the vaccine on to the children, our time and means of fast dissemination of information and organised communication is running out. We need our own platform to connect with each other and provide certain necessary services. The expected features that would be included are: General features: -A filtered 'News' page: where only the most relevant posts on medical, science, politics and law are shared cutting out the noise of telegram and other messaging apps. We suggest to keep the other apps in any case. -Resources page: of links to many of the videos, websites and articles we all shared throughout the year. Being all in one place, you can share them with your neighbours. -Call To Action page: You will find the most relevant information and links for low hanging actions to take locally to make a national impact such as Mark Sexton's evidence pack, letters to schools. -Emergency Broadcast System: which is a page dedicated to very occasional important announcements/posts. Community features for the freedom minded: -Business Listings : only contain proprietors that do not discriminate with vax passports and masks. -Natural Health Service listings: of holistic and alternative health service providers. -Forum chat by area(county) to connect with other locals. -Freedom Map : to know where your freedom neighbours are (after registering you can see how many are in the freedom tribe close by, for privacy it will not include actual addresses) -Common Law page: for information and links to empower individuals to maintain their freedoms. -Freedom BnB listings: for holiday accommodation that support choice on masks, no to passports -Dating app (by November): for those of similar mindset to stay 'organic'. That covers a fairly comprehensive list required in day to day life. The release date is 28th Aug at the London rally! If you want to know more contact us at We want to provide value and results hopefully. We do not want you to 'donate' without getting any value but rather support the app by paying only £1 per month because it is useful to you and provides value. We considered doing this as a non profit (if there is such a thing) however these get non results (or minimal results) as we have seen. We are about results, so our intention is to be a responsible social enterprise where 10% of revenue will be used for freedom causes and marketing to awaken people further and much of the rest reinvested into the business. Note: features may change depending on finances and market research.

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