July/August Action: Go to your local police station to report in line with Mark Sexton's guideline

It's time all police stations were given the information that will stop them believing everything was done to 'protect us' by decision makers, that the vaccines which are harming and killing people was ever needed, that coercion and manipulation was used to fool them and the public at large.


https://www.bitchute.com/video/M6Vs67TtOOVv/ (Watch video of Mark Sexton reporting the crime to Lemington Spa police station to familiarise yourself if required)

You can download and print off( or use pdf ) of Mark Sexton's collated document (includes Dr Mike Yeadon letter, Dr Tess Lawrie's letter and Dr Sam White's solicitor letter)

Mark Sexton Evidence pack
Download PDF • 4.52MB

Original pointers from Mark Sexton:

Mark Sexton [28.06.21 11:44]

To any person, in any village, town or city in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Print off these 4 pages [below]. Self explanatory.

Go to any police station, speak to any Constable on the streets, in a patrol car or

walking the beat. Constables only not a PCSO.

Make a criminal complaint. There is basic but irrefutable evidence cited on page


Page three, write your name, get the name of the Constable, rank and collar


At the bottom, you sign and date it.

Get one other witness to sign and date it.

That witness can be with you at the time or pre-signed elsewhere, it doesn’t


1, You are a victim of crime and are reporting a criminal offence.

2, the constables will either accept the paperwork or refuse it. As long as the

attempt was made that is the most important thing.

3, if accepted they will ask for your contact details and advise you of the next

course of action.

4, if refused leave the paperwork with the Constable or with the front office clerk

who deals with you. If they refuse to accept it, again this is not a problem take it

with you and keep it at home.

5, record the interaction. Explain it is being recorded for evidential purposes nothing

more. If you can’t record it don’t worry.

6, be polite, be respectful, be calm and no threats, abuse or bad language.

7, you may get an incident or log number you may not. It doesn’t matter either way.

Other open letters to consider printing are from www.ukmedfreedom.org for masks, testing, vaccines and pfizer vaccine for children.

All done. You're awesome!


If you want us to keep track of the important actions and collate info:

Please email details of which police station you reported it to, any reference numbers etc. to info@calltoactionuk.org copy also calltoactionuk@gmail.com

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