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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; We are here to do just that. Call To Action UK serves as a vessel to project our energies in a strategic way to reclaim our civil liberties and medical freedom. We reject any segregation based on medical status. We reject medical tyranny. We will take meaningful, peaceful action with a focus on getting eyeballs on our message utilising a sales and marketing strategy. This is what the government does with its 'fear based sales pitch', unlimited resources of controlled media outlets and advertisements. We will educate others and point them in the right direction to get reliable information on informed consent and vaccines. We will get attention in the right way sharing education resources and inspire them to continue researching and learning so no one can use people's scientific illiteracy against themselves which is what has happened. So we combine keyboard warriors with offline marketing of the medical freedom message. Join us in taking action that gets noticed and builds awareness. Donate your time to carry out simple action and/or money to help make this project succeed.

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How many in the Freedom Tribe UK?

Data is everything as it allows to build a strategy.
We feel the movement has lacked a coordinated, organised strategy and growth. Not being given fair representation on the 'controlled' MSM has hindered the message for much of the last year. 
We intend to change this with your help in direct Call To Actions to additionally support large freedom protests. Many people worry about privacy on websites. The reality is we are all on the radar having posting on Facebook, going to protests.  It's time we stand up proud as members of the Freedom Tribe UK, strength in numbers, protecting each others as required.


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